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How to Wear Threader Earrings

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

If you’ve never worn threader earrings, then you’ve missed out on one of the most comfortable and stylish earrings of all time! Threader earrings are by far, The Jewellery Tree’s most popular earring style and there’s so many reasons why – they're incredibly light, easy to wear and at around $20 a pair, they're oh so affordable!

Designed for pierced ears, threader earrings are uniquely different from all other types of earrings as they’re generally made with a length of fine chain that sits inside your piercing. They're super-comfortable to wear as the chain is no thicker than a regular ear post, and you can even sleep in them.

To put threader earrings on, simply hold the post in front of your ear piercing and gently push through until the post appears at the back of your ear. Clasp the post behind your ear and continue to pull through your piercing until you’ve reached the desired length of chain.

It's the weirdest sensation but you get over that pretty quickly. Threader earrings are worn with the earring post along with part of the chain hanging behind the earlobe and the remainder hanging in front.

Some people thread the chain through several piercings!

Even those with the most sensitive ears find threader earrings a pleasure to wear - you hardly know they are on your ears!

So if you’ve never worn them before, TJT threader earrings are very affordable and definitely worth trying. They’re sure to become your next earring obsession!

The Jewellery Tree

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